初中英语必背句子(关于初中英语必背句子,描写初中英语必背句子 )




1) Welcome back to school.  欢迎返回学校。

2) Who is on duty today?  今天谁值日?

3) Here is a card for you with our best wishes.  送您一张卡片,表达我们最良好的祝愿。

4) Thank you for making English fun! 谢谢你把英语课变得如此有趣!

5) For example, Jim is short for James. 例如,Jim就是James的昵称。(be short for是...的缩写)

6) Why don’t you make him a card? 你为什么不给他做张贺卡呢?(你还是给他做张贺卡吧!)

7) You can give him your best wishes. 你可以向他致意。

8) He does not want to do it any more. 他不想再做那件事。

9) East Lake has many different kinds of fishes. 东湖有许多不同种类的鱼。

10) They have some problems getting there. 他们想要到达那里是有一些困难的。

11) Jill often goes the wrong way.常常走错路。

12) Many families eat their dinner outside in the open air. 许多家庭在露天吃晚餐。

13) Why not meet a little earlier? 为什么不早一些见面呢?

14) Let’s make it half past nine. 让我们把时间定在9:30吧。

15) I feel sorry for them. 我为他们感到难过。

16) Walk along this road, and take the fourth turning on the left. 沿着这条路走,在第四个路口向左拐。

17) You’d better catch a bus. 你最好去坐车。

18) He often asks policemen for help. 他经常向警察求助。

19) You must look after yourself and keep healthy. 你必须照顾好自己,保持健康。

20) I keep a diary to help me remember things. 我写日记以帮助自己记住事情。

21) I make lots of telephone calls. 我(经常)打许多的电话。

22) Good luck with your Chinese. 祝你的汉语(学习)能有好运。

23) Good luck to you. 祝你好运。

24) Last month we helped them with the rice harvest. We really enjoyed working on the farm.


25) Thanks a lot for inviting me to your party. I’d love to come.


26) Can I take a message for you? 我能为你带个口信吗。

27) I am working hard on my exams. 我在努力应对考试。

28) We’ll have a lot of fun. Oh, I can’t wait! 我们将过得很开心。哦,我简直等不及了。


1). Help yourself to some soup. 随便喝点汤吧。Help youself. (请慢用;别客气。)

2). Either my father or my mother cooks dinner on weekdays.


3). I like Chinese tea without anything in it. 我喜欢中国的清茶,什么都不加。

4). May I take your order now? 你现在要点什么菜吗?

5). It’s between the post office and the hospital. 它在邮局和医院之间。

6). Go on until you reach the end. 一直走,直到你到达终点。

7). Take the second turning on the left. 在第二个路口向左拐。

8). Liu Mei is on her way to the cinema. 刘梅正在往电影院去的路上。

9). We’d better catch a bus. 我们最好乘公共汽车去。

10). You can keep these books for two weeks. 这些书你可以借两个星期。

11). I can’t find the key to my bike. 我找不到我自行车的钥匙了。

12). Everyone laughed at the woman’s mistake. 每个人都嘲笑那女人犯的错。

13). You mustn’t eat anything until you see the doctor. 直到看了医生你才能吃东西。

14). She didn’t feel like eating anything. 她不想吃任何东西。

15). If you want to be thinner and healthier, you have to eat less food and take more exercise.如果你想减肥、想更健康点的话,那你就必须少吃食物多锻炼。

16). Let’s put our boat out of the water. 让我们把船从水里拖上来。

17). Sooner or later you’ll find it somewhere. 你迟早会在某个地方找到它的。

18). As they were very hungry, they ate up all the food very soon.


19). I can’t leave my baby by herself. 我不能把我小孩单独留下。

20). Half an hour later she woke up and began to cry. 半小时后她醒过来然后开始哭了。

21). I began to make faces and the baby didn’t cry any more. 我开始做鬼脸,接着小孩就不再哭了。

22). He can take good care of your babies. 他能很好地照料你们的孩子。

23). Lily fell off her bike and hurt herself badly.


24). Nobody taught her. She taught herself. 没有人教她。她是自学的。

25). To his surprise, he found the girl was blind.


26). They both lost themselves in the beautiful music. 他们都陶醉在优美的音乐中了。

27). Would you like to come along? 你想一起去吗?

28). Don’t leave anything behind. 别把东西落下了。

29). Do you take an active part in the sports meeting? 你积极参加运动会吗?

30). All the runners got ready to run. 所有的选手都在为跑步做准备。

31). John began to catch up with Jim. John 开始追上Jim。

32). Study hard, or you will fall behind your classmates.


33). They reached the end at the same time. 他们同时到达终点。

34). He got up and went to running. 他爬起来继续跑。

35). You can’t win every time, but I know you did your best.


36). They are neck and neck at English. 在英语方面,他们是不分上下。

37). The train is going at the speed of 200 kilometres an hour.


38). What can we learn form Bill Gates? 我们能向比尔 盖茨学习什么?

39). I want to be a scientist in the future. 我想未来成为一名科学家。

40). At the age of 13, Bill Gates started to play with computers.

十三岁时,比尔 盖茨开始玩弄电脑。

41). He was very interested in maths and science. 他对数学和科学很感兴趣。

42). We couldn’t work out that difficult maths problem. 我们无法解答出那道难的数学题。

43). He and some of his friends spent lots of time doing unusual things with the old computer.用这台旧电脑,他和他的几个朋友花了很多时间做了不同寻常的事情。

44). I plan to visit Beijing next week. 我计划下周去北京参观。

45). Bill Gates decided to buy some medicine for the poor people.

比尔 盖茨决定给那些穷人买写药。

46). Mark Twain liked to play jokes on his friends. 马克吐温喜欢开他朋友的玩笑。

47). Don’t laugh at those who are in trouble. 不要嘲笑那些陷入困境的人。

48). Bill Gates gave away 21 billion dollars that year. 那年比尔盖茨捐赠了二百一十亿美元。

49). How are you getting on with your work? 你近来工作如何?

50). He gets on well with his boss. 他和老板关系很融洽。

51). He was rather angry with the man upstairs. 他对楼上的那个男人非常生气。

52). He was so tired that he fell asleep at once. 他这么累以至于很快就睡着了。

53). He came into the room and took off his coat. 他走进房间,脱下外套。

54). They were fed up with their neighbour because he often shouted at night.


55). Please go there as quickly as you can. 请你尽可能快地赶去那里。

56). Hurry up, or you will be late. 快点! 否则你就要迟到了。

57). The boy set off at six in the morning. 那男孩是早上六点出发的。

58). Could you make room for my books? 你能腾个地方给我放书吗?


1). We haven’t got these books at the moment. 我们现在没有这些书。

2). You can borrow them from your school library. 你可以向你校的图书馆去借它们。

3). She used to walk to school. 他过去常常走路去上学。

4). When she left for home, she found her book lost. 当她动身回家时发现她的书不见了。

5). Someone will probably find it and return it sooner or later. 迟早有人会找到并把它归还的。

6). One day the librarian came up with an idea. 有一天,图书管理员想到了一个主意。

7). Have you ever been aboard? 你曾经出过国吗?

8). I’ve just finished reading the book. 我刚刚看完这本书。

9). Have you found out who broke the window? 你查明是谁打破了窗户了吗?

10). What’s the name of the book? 那本书叫什么名字?

11). He has learnt surfing from his uncle. 他向他的叔叔学过冲浪。

12). I’ll show you how to do it. 我会指点你如何做(这件事)的。

13). Hawaii is famous for its beautiful beaches. 夏威夷以它的美丽沙滩而闻名于世。

14). The water sports here attract large numbers of tourists to the islands.


15). Waikiki is neither too hot nor too cold all the year round. 怀基基这里终年不冷不热。

16). No matter what the weather is like, I always go there on foot. 无论天气如何,我总是走路去那里。

17). I don’t think I can learn surfing. 我认为我学不会冲浪。

18). He has gone to New Zealand on business. 他因为公事到新西兰去了。

19). How many English songs has she learned so far? 到目前为止,她学会了多少英文歌曲?

20). The 12-year-old boy’s dream came true in the end. 这名十二岁男孩的梦想最终成为现实。

21). The boy set off at six in the morning. 这男孩早上六点出发。

22). He slowed down as the wind became stronger and the waves higher. 因为风大浪高,他减慢了速度。

23). They are proud of their son and often speak highly of him. 他们为儿子感到自豪并经常表扬他。

24). He is not only the pride of our school, but also the pride of all the people in Hainan.


25). Businessmen are afraid of newspapers and TV stations. 商人总是害怕报纸和电视台的。

26). As soon as other people hear the music, they go out with their rubbish and throw it in.


27). It’s a pleasant way to help keep our city clean. 这是一种有助于保持我们城市干净的愉快的方式。

28). Have you ever thrown any litter onto the ground? 你试过乱扔垃圾到地上吗?

29). It is our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy. 保护我们的环境干净和整洁是我们的责任。

30). If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment, the world will become much more beautiful.


31). He left his watch on my desk yesterday. 昨天他把表忘在我的桌子上了。

32). The more trees, the better. 树越多越好。

33). He has worked there all his life. 他在那里工作了一辈子。

34). That’s very kind of you. 你真是太好了。

35). I hope to see him as soon as possible. 我希望能尽快见到他。

36). I’m free every day except today. 除了今天,我每天都有空。

37). Jim Green has been in China for more than two years. 格林吉姆在中国有两年多了。

38). It is much cheaper and far more enjoyable than a rushed trip by air.


39). A young man practised speaking English with Mr. Green. 一个年轻人和格林先生练习说英语。

40). What a pity! 多么遗憾!

41). I’ve never seen such a beautiful mountain in my life. 我一生中还从来没有看过如此美丽的山。

42). Hurry up! Or we’ll be late. 快点! 否则我们就要迟到了。

43). Most people got sick because of the cold weather. 大多数人都因为这寒冷的天气而得病了。

44). Your mother and I have decided to go somewhere in China. 我和你妈决定要去中国的某个地方。

45). Let’s try to find some information about it on the Internet. 让我们尽力在网上找到关于它的一些信息。

46). At the top of the page, type in the Website. 在那页的顶端,输入网址。

47). Hainan Island is the second largest island of China. 海南岛是中国的第二大岛。

48). Hainan Island is the place to be, whether it’s summer or winter.


49). Could you tell me what you think about Hainan Island? 能告诉我你对海南岛的看法吗?

50). Could you tell me whether that’s a fast train or not? 你能告诉我那是否是一辆快速列车吗?

51). What have they gone there for? 他们去那里是为了什么?

52). He was very interested in diving deep into the sea. 他对深深潜入海底很感兴趣。

53). He was amazed at all the colours and all the beautiful fish. 他对一切的色彩和美丽的鱼感到无比惊讶。

54). I’ve lived here since I was three years old. 我三岁的时候我就住在这里了。

55). I’ve been down as long as two hours. 我曾经在(水)下长达两个小时。

60). Not all sharks are alike. 不是所有的鲨鱼都是一样的。

61). Many sharks feed on fish and other sea animals. 很多鲨鱼以鱼和其他海洋动物为食。

62). It is said that one of the most dangerous sharks is the Great White Shark.


63). I’ll be able to write faster with the pen like that. 我就能够用那样的笔写得更快。

64). We just need to keep working on it and not give up. 我们只需坚持工作,不要放弃。

65). When he was a child, he was always asking questions and trying out new ideas.


66). No matter how hard it was, he never gave up. 无论它有多么困难,他都从不放弃。

67). At the age of 12, he started writing his own newspaper. 在十二岁的时候,他开始编写自己的报纸。

68). Thomas Edison opened up his own lab in New Jersey. 爱迪生在新泽西州创办了自己的实验室。

69). A train was coming near quickly, and the boy was too frightened to move.


70). Edison rushed out and carried the boy to the safety. 爱迪生冲了出去并把小孩带到了安全地带。

71). What do you want to do after you graduate from school? 你毕业以后想干什么?

72). His radio is too noisy. Let’s ask him to turn it down. 他的收音机太吵了,我们叫他关小点。

73). He wanted to learn as much as he could. 他想尽可能多的学点东西。

74). What do you mean by “ decorate the tree ”? 你说的“ decorate the tree ”是什么意思?

75). Children put stockings at the end of their beds before they go to sleep. Some even put up stockings for their pets as well. 孩子们在睡觉前把袜子挂在床尾。有些甚至为他们的宠物挂起了袜子。

76). He then fills the stockings with Christmas presents. 然后他用圣诞礼物把那些袜子装满。

77). Father Christmas is based on a real person in history. 圣诞老人是以历史上一个真实的人物为依据的。

78). On Christmas Day, children can’t wait to open the presents in their stockings.


79). They spend the day playing with the new toys.


80). People in different places celebrate the holiday in different ways.


81). That night Mary gave birth to this very special boy. 那天晚上玛丽生下了这个特别的男孩。

82). The desk is made of wood. 桌子是用木头做的。

83). Knives are used for cutting things. 刀子是用来切东西。

84). Paper is made from wood. 纸是用木头做的。

85). This TV set is made in Shenzhen. 这台电视机是深圳产的。

86). The number of the students in our school is about three thousand. 我校的学生人数大约是三千人。

87). Rice is grown in the south. Sugar is produced in the north. 南方种植水稻,北方则产糖。

88). I saw many old inventions on show. 我看到了很多在展销的古老发明。

89). I don\'t know the way to the museum. 我不知道去博物馆的路。

90). These eggs were found in the Gobi Desert by a group of scientists in the 1920s.


91). I say it is special because the dinosaur was covered with feathers!


92). I want to be a scientist in the future. 将来我想成为一名科学家。

93). What’s that thing with three legs? 那个有三只脚的是什么东西?

94). Make sure that the stick is straight. 确信木棒是保持笔直的。

95). Have you ever heard of the Great Green Wall? 你曾听说过绿色长城吗?

96). Forests help to keep water from running away. 森林有助于防止水源流失。

97). The trees in the forests can keep rain drops from hitting the soil directly, so the soil is not easily washed away.


98). The Great Green Wall will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. 绿色长城将阻止风将土壤刮走。

99). In a few years’ time, those mountains will be covered with trees. 几年后,那些山将被树木所覆盖。

100). Thanks to the Great Green Wall, the land produces more crops.


101). You should hand in your composition the day after tomorrow. 后天你必须上交你的作文。

102). Many of the stars cannot be seen because they are too far away. 很多星星因为太遥远而无法看见。

103). The moon travels round the earth. 月亮绕着地球转。

104). Man-made satellites have been sent up into space by many countries.


105). Nothing in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it. 世上无难事,只要肯登攀。

106). Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 今日事,今日毕。

107). What’s the population of Germany? 德国的人口数量是多少?

108). The population of the world increases by 259 a minute. 世界人口以每分钟259人的速度增长。

109). I don’t agree with you two. I prefer to buy a new can rather than repair it.


110). As he was busy searching the Internet, he became interested in how different countries were.


111). He wanted to start with the smallest country and end with the largest one.


111). My leather tennis shoes are worn out. 我的皮羽毛球鞋穿烂了。

112). You’d better try on the shoes first. 你最好先试穿一下这双鞋。

113). Put those pictures in the right order. 把那些图按照顺序排列。

114). We went to the hotel by taxi and dropped off our things. 我们乘的士去宾馆,然后放下我们的东西。

115). Tian’anmen Square was close to our hotel. 我们住的宾馆靠近天安门广场。

116). How can you tell they are grateful? 你如何辨别它们是心存感激的?

117). To complain too often isn’t a good thing. 老是抱怨,这不是一件好事。

118). He grew up with a pet dog named Don. 他和一条名叫唐的宠物狗一块长大。

119). He made up his mind to be a vet. 他决心要成为一名兽医。

120). They regarded their pets as members of their families. 他们把宠物也当成他们的家庭成员。

121). To take medicine on time is necessary. 按时服药是必要的。

122). Mrs Parley said she felt as if she was in a storm at sea. 芭里太太说她仿佛是处在海洋的风暴里一样。

123). It is true to say a dog is man’s best friend or at least Robert’s best friend.


124). I’ve never seen such an exciting match before. 我以前从来没有看过如此激动人心的比赛。

125). By the time we got there, the bus had already gone. 当我们到达那里的时候,汽车早就走了。

126). The boys’ team used to help the girls with their training. 男队过去常常帮助女队训练。

127). Mr. Hu said he thought the girls deserved to win. 胡老师说他认为女孩们理应会赢。

128). Miss Wang was very pleased with the girls’ wonderful performance.


129). Never mind. It was a boring match. 不要紧。它只是一场无聊的比赛。

130). One day, her little brother has spilt cola over her diary. 有一天,她的弟弟把可乐洒在她的日记上了。

131). As a result, she can’t read her diary. 因此她无法看她的日记了。

132). From now on, just keep passing the ball and play together as a team.


133). Bike is short for bicycle. Bike是bicycle的简称。

134). Who would you ask for help if you were robbed? 如果你被抢劫了,你将会向谁求助?

135). Now we need to wait for Jim. 现在我们必须要等一下Jim.

136). We can’t wait any longer. 我们不能再等了。


1) I can’t believe it. 我简直难以相信那件事。

2) But Vinny has made it. 但Vinny做到了。

3) He came across so many difficulties, but he never gave up. 他遇到了许多困难,但他从未放弃。

4) After I had finished studying at the college, I found it very difficult to get a job.


5) On July 21, 1998, a bad accident happened to Sang Lan, a famous Chinese sports girl. 1998年7月21日,一场严重的意外事故发生在桑兰,这位著名的中国女运动员身上。

6) However, she did not lose heart. 然而她并没有丧失信心。

7) She became a fine example for people who have had bad accidents or bad luck.


8) Leonardo encouraged me not to give up and keep on fighting. 莱昂纳多鼓励我不要放弃并继续抗争.

9) What places of interest in China would you like to visit? 你愿意参观中国的哪些景点?

10) I prefer to fly there so that I will be able to stay there longer and make my travel more enjoyable.


11) I can swim as far as two kilometres at one time. 我一次能游泳两公里那么远。

12) Ever since then, people have lived beside the Lakes, hunting, fishing and doing many other things.


13) Many animals would lose their homes and maybe die out. 许多动物将会失去家园,并且可能灭绝。

14) Do you believe in dragons? 你相信恐龙的存在吗?

15) He saw the island getting bigger and bigger. 他看见那个岛屿变得越来越大。

16) Let’s give a warm welcome to our new teacher. 让我们向我们的新老师致以热烈的欢迎。

17) He was a little man with thick glasses, but he had a strange way of making his class lively and interesting.


18) The king ordered the people of his kingdom to follow the farmer’s example. Soon his kingdom became a land of beauty.


19) Easter Island is named after a holiday. 复活节岛是以一个假日而命名的。

20) What if aliens put up the Moai to send us a message?


21) It is said that there are more than five thousand languages in the world.


22) English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but Chinese has the largest number of speakers.


23) French is widely understood, not only in Europe, but also in some other parts of the world.


24) It helps you stay fit to go in for sports. 参加运动锻炼能帮你保持健康。

25) The last Thanksgiving festival took place during the winter to give thanks for another safe year.

最后一次感恩节 (发生) 时间是在冬季,目的是感谢又一个平安的年月。

26) The Great Spirit decided to teach her a lesson. 大神决定给她一个教训。

27) My uncle has lived here all his life. 我的叔叔在这里生活了一辈子。

28) It was called rush hour because everyone was in a hurry to get to work or leave work.


29) The air was filled with smog coming from hundreds of factories as well as the heavy traffic.


30) I’m tired of driving in heavy traffic every morning. 我烦透了每天早上在拥堵的交通状况下开车。

31) What do you say if we try a car pool? 如果咱们合用一辆车(你说)怎么样?

32) It’ll give us a chance to talk. Can you pick me up at 7:15?


33) It is faster than a bike but not as heavy as a motorbike. 它比单车快,但不如摩托车重。

34) Beijing still has a problem with air pollution. 北京仍然有空气污染问题。

35) In the old days, workers had time off from work to visit their mothers.


36) They do their best to show their love for their mothers. 他们尽自己的努力表达他们对母亲的爱。

37) She wanted the people to make friends with each other again. 她要人们彼此重新做朋友。

38) Soon, all the women in the United States followed her example. 很快,美国的所有妇女都以她为榜样。

39) What do you mean by “both wonderful and terrible”? 你说“既美妙又糟糕”是什么意思?

40) I was deeply impressed by the beautiful sights, but my trip to London was terrible.


41) The southern part broke into three pieces. 南部的板块分裂成三块。

42) Part of East Africa will break away from the rest of Africa. 东非板块将从非洲的剩余部分分离出去。

43) We easily forget people as soon as we are no longer with them.


44) Do you know what the stars stand for? 你知道那些星代表什么吗?

45) There was a song in the heart and on the lips of every child. Every face was cheerful. Everyone could smell the sweet flowers in the air.


46) Life to him seemed nothing but heavy work. 生活对他来说只意味着繁重的劳动。

47) My aunt told me to mind my own business. 我的姑妈要我少管闲事。

48) They would make fun of him for having to work. 他们将为他不得不工作而取笑他。

49) He had an unhappy face-but a happy heart. 他脸上不高兴—但心里却充满快乐。

50) Many people have extra clothes and food that they are willing to give.


51) It was these poor and sick people that Mother Teresa decided to help.


52) Slowly the people changed their minds. 渐渐地,那些人改变了他们的看法。

53) They will be thankful for your help. 他们将对你的帮助表示感谢。

54) Many didn’t have enough money for food, let alone buy toys for their children.


55) You name it, and I’m sure someone, somewhere collects it!


56) Where on earth did you get it? 你到底从哪里得到它的?

57) As the saying goes: “There is a price for gold, but no price for jade.”


58) I often help my friends if they come across some difficulties in English.


59) I have confidence in improving my English and I know how to do it.


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